5.7 & 9 LAYERS

  • Wide range of oxygen transmission rates – for an increased packed product the shelf life
  • Blown films (water quenched and air cooled ) as well as cast films available
  • Excellent barrier against moisture, gas, oxygen and aroma
  • Superior Forming and deep – draw properties
  • Retains strength at freezing temperatures
  • High temperature resistance films
  • Wide range of sealing property
  • Special seal layer – Seals at low temperatures through liquid products
  • Higher puncture resistance and remarkable mechanical properties
  • Easy peel, UV, anti-fog & special coating
  • Standard stock sizes kept on the floor


HIGH BARRIER are PA + EVOH based films predominantly used for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in the meat, ready meal, cheese and bakery Industries.


  • multilayer barrier water quenched technology


  • Excellent optics
  • Increased strength and stability
  • Elevated barrier properties
  • Option of printed / non films
  • Easy peel option available
  • Enhanced thermoforming properties


  • Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging – extended shelf life.
  • Suitable for packing: MAP fresh bread, fresh meat, eggs, ready meals and cheese.


  • Multilayer films are available in all common widths.


  • Micron: 70 µ onwards up to 300 µ

Standard stock sizes kept on the floor


We can offer heat sealable lidding films to Rigid trays

  • High puncture resistance
  • Excellent Transparency & gloss
  • Optimal lay flat properties
  • Option of Easy peel , Antifog lidding and ovenable films
  • Option of printed / non printed lidding films
  • Superior sealing ideally suited for flexible bottom web, APET/ CPET/ PP tray
  • Micron 10-25 micron (other microns are available )
  • Heat sealable PET/BOPP also available
Thermoforming minced meat


We can offer a range of printed liddings up to 8 colours

  • Variable structure available (laminated PVDC/LLDPE , Laminated PET/multilayer film /metallised films ect)
  • Clear laminated stock also kept on the floor
  • Surface, reverse or trapped print
  • Water or solvent based Ink
  • Laminations using various substrates
  • Very competitive pricing on all orders
  • Fully Customisable
  • Short UV based print runs as well as long CI and gravure based runs